2007 - 20XX

Throughout life, it is important to regularly stop and look at the world that surrounds us. Moreover, we must try to spot the unusual and extraordinary things around us and take the time to contemplate the effect they have on us emotionally and what message we can take from them. It is also important to behold these emotions and messages in a temperate and interesting manner. Photography helps to stop and look around and see unusual things. My photos must have the intention to display the messages contained therein. Moreover, photos often help us to look at the past and things that are around us more gently and interestingly.
More work can be found at this link: THE WORLD THAT SURROUNDS ME

Final Curtain - Barcelona - Spain - September 2012
Second Line - Spain 2014
Before the Flood - Spain - September 2014
Rules of the Game - Antwerp - Belgium - May 2012
Perfectionism  - Antwerp - Belgium - June 2013
Celistine Profecy - Sint-Cécile des Vignes - France - March 2009
Perfect Reflections - Antwerp - Belgium - August 2013
8 Hours a Day - Lisbon - Portugal - October 2012
The Island - Antwerp - Belgium - July 2010
Lamda on Diasec / aluminium frame on back / 105 x75 cm
Limited edition of maximum 10 prints / Signed by artist and with certificate on back of artwork
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