Artification is the process of making art of an activity or object that was not seen as art before. 
 We help your company to make the bridge with the art world. Together with you we will align your Artification Strategy with your objectives and challenges. We will generate new art & cultural ideas and projects which are closer to the DNA of the organization.​​​​​​​
Corporate leaders must navigate a landscape with technology that is changing at light speed, with a society that is on a turning point and with a disruptive economy that is challenging everybody. Skilled talent is hard to recruit and retain and the workforce is becoming more diverse. Due to social media it’s getting harder to control brand image. Firms are looking for new ways to stimulate innovative thinking. 
The art world and artist can help corporate leaders to cope with these problems.
Artist have the tendency to think less conventional and have a sensorium for what is happening in the society. They are used to question everything and to anticipate. While in business we go from point "a" to point "b", artist re-invent point "b".  
Evidence shows that arts investment provides advantages for both the business itself and the community in which the company and its employees live and work.
We see 3 forms of cooperation between companies and the art world.
A first collaboration is around transformation and transversality. This collaboration plunges thought outside of common sense. It it this thought of art as a “difference machine” that can induce “unimagined mutations". 
The second is often referred to as "The Logic of Accountability" because this collaboration is about achieving certain results. (Elevate the brand, improve the awareness, attract a greater diverse workforce, create a more pleasant working environment and eliminate cultural differences.)
A third form of collaboration is “The Logic of Innovation” in which art-business practices are justified in terms of their capacity to develop products and services.
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