The end of the world has often been predicted. We also find this in the Fermi paradox. Despite the probability of extraterrestrial life being very high, we have not yet encountered one, according to Fermi. This paradox might be explained by the fact that a civilization that has the technology to discover extraterrestrial life would first destroy itself through war, weapons of mass destruction, or climate change.
The metadata available on millions of images worldwide is enormous. By analyzing this data, we can understand how our society views the world. Based on the metadata of almost a billion images in the AI datasets, we wondered how millions of people see the end of the world. The images below were created and generated using Meta Data, AI, and digital techniques.​​​​​ With photography, one often uses digital techniques to zoom in on the image to isolate the subject from its surroundings. We did the opposite with AI: we created the subject's ideal environment.
The number of variations we can create is endless.
What would happen if we asked the algorithm to make a new variation of the previous one over and over again? Can't we then return the subject to its essence?

The end of the world
21 Variations
The end of the world out-painted
Variations to the essence
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