While AI offers many possibilities and knowledge, it's often colored by who built the system, by legislation, by the fact that it concerns only digital knowledge and limited data sets.

The metadata available on millions of images worldwide is enormous. We can use this information and knowledge to analyze how we as a society view the world and the things that surround us. We wondered if we couldn't use that mass of information to predict what the world around us will look like in 30 years. 
Thus came this series - Moodboards for 20

The images below were created and generated using Metadata, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and digital techniques.

The size of these digital images is 200x100cm @200PPI

Titles of the art works

Sunset & Oceans anno 2050
Avant Garde anno 2050
Our world anno 2050
Nature anno 2050
Oceans and blue sky anno 2050
Mountains in anno 2050
Our planet anno 2050

Presentation of the art work
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