Research shows us that images when they become blurred produce a different and often stronger emotion.
Shooting blurred photos can be considered opposite of black and white photography - while black and white is about hiding colors to bring out shapes and shadows, blurring helps to reveal colors by hiding shapes and shadows. Blurred images have an effect on our emotions and how we interprete images. Blured images gives us a feeling of mind-boggling motion. They evoke memories because colors and shapes alone can trigger some memories stronger than same image with details. Because only the colors and shapes match memories of other people, not the details. Blured images also initiate curiosity. Since blured images also can suggest that someone is leaving they can generate nostalgic feelings.
An interesting subcategory is a combination of the opposites: black&white blured images - where distractions by both details and colors are hidden away to bring out larger shapes or patterns. I prefer to work with desaturation of colors, where the strenghth of both - black&white and colors - are combined.

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